Real estate: Investing in a property in Berlin

After 7 years with the previous website based on a custom platform, we decided to renew everything and go with WordPress.

  • Initial request

    This real estate agency needed to diffuse more information, manage its content creation in 3 languages and confort positioning in Google with a link to external system for product database.

  • Solution retained

    • New graphic design,
    • WordPress multilingual CMS solution,
    • Daily custom content import system from their product management software with OpenImmo API,
    • Tracking and smooth transitioning of SEO @ Google,
    • Mobile friendly.
  • Technology

    • WordPress / WPML solution,
    • Open Immo API mapping and imports from their product management platform,
    • New LAMP VPS server.
  • Evolution

    After 6 month, some evolutions are under way.

Client:Aden Immo
Date: January 01, 2016